First React (Native) Meetup in Kiel

Why we love React

React.js is a Javascript library which was built by Facebook for reactive user interfaces and applications at large scale. It has a rich and dynamic ecosystem and enables developers to build applications faster in larger teams. A lot of developers are using it since Facebook open sourced it, and so are we at weluse.

Why we love React Native

React is build in a way that allows users to adapt it for other platforms, e.g. Canvas, SmartTVs, etc. Because of that, Facebook was able to create React Native. React Native allows us to write native software for the iOS, Android, and soon Universal Windows Platform. It relies on Javascript, so web developers don't have to learn a new programming language for each of those platforms and are in general much faster. In contrast to Cross Platform solutions like Cordova, the code is executed natively, allowing us to use more capabilities and have a better performance. At weluse, we've experimented with this software since it was open sourced, and we use it in production for almost a year now.

Why we love Meetups

Meetups are a part of our culture: We love to exchange knowledge and aim to get better all the time to build better software and user experiences. Because of that, we visit the React HH meetups on a regular basis and exchange our ideas with other developers, passionate about React and React Native. On one ride back to Kiel we discussed why there were no Meetups in Kiel and thought we could change that. Kiel also has a lot of software companies and enthusiastic developers, so we decided to give it a try. The response was great. Within a few weeks, the first meetup had 25 persons, willing to come and in fact they were all there:

The first React (Native) Meetup

The first meetup took place on 25th of May at Cap3. We had a full house, two interesting presentations and a lot of discussions before, in between and after the talks. The first presentation was by Paul from Cap3, about React and his setup, the second one was by Daniel Banck about React Native in general. He gave an overview about React Native and its capability by explaining the F8 App by Facebook.

Next events

The next meetup will be in the first half of July. We'll publish a specific date for it soon; you may stay up to date at the meetup groups page. Also, a React Native training day with a Hackathon is going to happen in roughly three months from now; we are still figuring out the details.