snapmobl is our next

In 2012, I began wrestling with a question that had bugged all of us at weluse for a long time: Why is everything on a smartphone just awesome except for one thing: web browsing? The solution seems to be simple. Everyone has to optimize its own business website for smart devices.

So we founded a new company, Appseven, in 2012. Our service: creating mobile websites combined with Google AdWords Marketing for small businesses. We found out that marketing budgets are quite tight in this target group. So we focused on developing a software which made the process of creating new websites damn straight.

Just after the launch we won the german award for best idea & innovation in the category “software products”. We got a lot of buzz and a bunch of customers. Success! Except for one thing: People aren’t willing to spend money for that service. Hmpf. Or they just don’t want to think about a new website. They even don’t find the time to create new content or to hand over some new pictures, etc. The whole process of setting up a new website is, well, kinda annoying. Now we know.

In 2013, we decided to pivot the hard way. We got so much valuable feedback and finally recognized Appseven doesn't fit the market. So we threw our product away and teamed up with the best sales person I’ve ever met. Stephan, I’m really happy to have you aboard!

We talked to a lot of our customers and spent long nights brainstorming about new product features. The question always has been: How can we make the web smart?

Today, we’re very happy to announce our brand new product has just been launched: snapmobl.

Now you can mobilize your website or even your facebook page with just a single click. Your website is transformed automatically into a smartphone friendly version. You only need about five minutes and your website will never ever bother its visitors again! Best part of it: Everyone can optimize everyone's website! And it’s for free!

So please, we need your support! Recommend snapmobl to your favorite restaurants, your hair stylist, your doctors! Let’s make the web smart. Together!

We hope you like it!